Love yourself 25. April 2016

First of all, this post isn’t about the well known Justin Bieber song, although I really love it. It’s about a very important topic, that becomes relevant at least one time in everybody‘ s life, I think.
To my mind mostly young women who are about at my age have big problems in loving themselves. Nearly no one likes herself and especially her body to 100 percent, what is totally okay and normal. But many already fail in accepting themselves the way they are, which is not only sad, it’s also unhealthy. Hating yourself and always trying to become someone prettier, someone skinnier, someone fitter or someone who just looks like one of today‘ s role models is never the right way to become a happy person.
I’m writing about this, because I know that feeling, that kind of pressure, that you aren’t good enough. I’ve been through this stage of my life about two years ago. I didn’t feel very confident during this time, I always wanted to change something about myself, but I didn’t really do anything. Like every girl at a time, I didn’t like my body, I felt too fat and this lead to the worst thing: I didn’t love myself. Of course, by loving yourself I don’t mean you should spent your whole life in front of a mirror and forget about all other people. For me, loving yourself means to be happy, to be confident and to not always compare yourself to others. Honestly, the last point is still a kind of problem for me. I often make the mistake that I compare myself to others, e.g. to stars at social media or to my friends.
And I believe that exactly this thing with the social media influences us young people way too much. On the one hand we get the impression, that we can look like supermodels, by just doing sports one time a week and still not caring about what we eat. The contrary extreme is is much worse, I believe. Society tells you, that you have to be skinny, you have to look flawless and you have to wear the most exclusive clothes. This leads to many young women thinking, they have to work out at least five times a week and they aren’t allowed to eat any sweets or junkfood to become happy and confident. That is wrong, believe me!
Once I’ve also been one of these girls, who think, that a slim body is the only thing in life that can make you really happy and confident. This was after the time in which I felt too fat and was unsatisfied with myself. I thought, the only thing that will help me to be happy all the time, was loosing weight. This lead to me counting calories everyday, forbidding myself many kinds of food I loved to eat and doing sports nearly everyday. By this, I lost about 10 kg in only a few months. I really was very happy, felt more confident and the first time after half a year I was able to look into the mirror without getting sad or frustrated. But after some time, I realized, that this kind of lifestyle wouldn’t make me happy forever. Counting calories all the time and not being allowed to eat what you like to, just because you want to keep your weight, made me at least as unhappy, as weighing as much as before.
Today, I have my old weight again, and I can really say, that I feel confident in my body most of the time. I´m totally convinced, that by accepting and loving yourself, you can reach much more than by always trying to change yourself. Weighing a few kilos more doesn´t make you ugly, it only does if you show others that you feel this way. Love yourself, wear clothes you like, do what you love and always keep your dreams big! 
For my part I believe, that to love yourself never has to do anything with giving up and forgetting about your dreams and goals in life. It means to become stronger and to focus on the things you love, whether it means to become a bit fitter, to eat a bit cleaner, to read more, to become better at school, to meet your friends more often, … These are all things you can just reach if you believe in your own power and strength, and believe me, everybody has this power in herself! You can do this, just believe in yourself! Because if YOU don´t do so, how should others start to believe in you?

So just love yourself and enjoy your life, because everybody has the right to feel beautiful and to be confident and happy!

Svenja Kamp

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